Tracing Paper

IDEM Tracing Paper

IDEM Tracing Paper
date sheet for plate making
product information
specially made for Laser, CAD monochrome inkjet & copier
smooth running on printers
Excellent toner adhesion
Natural and uniform transparency
Imported Original Packing
Straight, Defect Free Sheet Cutting
Correct number of sheets per pack
Accurate grammage
Error Free Plate Development
Flag after 100 sheets

Technical Informatoin
Suitable for high processing temperatures
acid free, naturally transparent, PH Neutral
Optimised humidity and specially designed characteristics
High resistance to ageing and low yellowing
Storage for Tracing Paper
Store under normal room temperature
place flat to avoid damages to sheet edges
open packet when required and keep unused sheets in original pack

IDEM Tracing Paper
available at
Dot Club Printers Faisalabad
at whole sale Price
A4 Soze
Legal Size
A3 Size

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